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  • Alcatel Unlock Code

Alcatel Unlock Code

  • Brand: Alcatel
  • Product Code: ALCUC
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We can unlock any Alcatel handset, no matter what network it is locked to!!!

We can unlock your Alcatel by code easily and safely.
Once unlocked, your Alcatel can use any sim card from any worldwide network.
All we need is your phone's model, IMEI number, Provider ID and Network Lock.
Alcatel remote unlocking is also known as:

  • Alcatel Unlock Codes 
  • Alcatel Remote Unlocking 
  • Alcatel IMEI Unlock 
  • Alcatel Subsidy Password 

This is the easiest way to unlock your Alcatel phone and requires no specialist knowledge whatsoever!! Our Alcatel unlock codes come directly from the Alcatel Database, and are always the correct code to unlock your Alcatel. Once you have entered the unlock code into your phone, your phone will beccome unlocked from your current network, and ready to use any other sim.


These Alcatel model ranges cover any handset including:

Amsterdam, Crystal, ELLE GlamPhone No 3, ELLE GlamPhone No 5, Evolve, Fierce, Hero, Hero 2, Hiro, Idol, Idol 2, Idol 2 Mini, Idol 2 Mini S, Idol 2 S, Idol Alpha, Idol Mini, Idol S, Idol S Slate, Idol Ultra, Idol X, Idol X+, Kivo, Miss Sixty 1, Miss Sixty 2, MPOP, One Touch Fire, OY-090, OT-090X, OT-1009A, OT-1009X, OT-1010D, OT-1010X, OT-1011A, OT-1011D, OT-1011X, OT-1012X, OT-1013D, OT-1013X, OT-1030A, OT-1030D, OT-1030X, OT-1035A, OT-1035D, OT-1035X, OT-103A, OT-103X, OT-1040D, OT-1040X, OT-1041A, OT-1041D, OT-1041X, OT-1042D, OT-1042X, OT-1045D, OT-1045G, OT-1046D, OT-1046G, OT-104A, OT-105A, OT-105X, OT-106X, OT-108, OT-108X, OT-109X, OT-112, OT-112X, OT-113X, OT-117X, OT-132A, OT-132X, OT-140X, OT-150X, OT-1801, OT-2000X, OT-2001A, OT-2001X, OT-2004C, OT-2004G, OT-2005A, OT-2005D, OT-2005X, OT-2007D, OT-2007X, OT-2010D, OT-2010G, OT-2010X, OT-2012D, OT-2012G, OT-203A, OT-203EX, OT-203X, OT-204X, OT-205, OT-205X, OT-2067X, OT-206X, OT-208, OT-208A, OT-208X, OT-209, OT-209A, OT-209X, OT-2117A, OT-213, OT-213X, OT-214A, OT-214WX, OT-214X, OT-216X, OT-217A, OT-217DX, OT-217F, OT-217X, OT-222, OT-222A, OT-222X, OT-223, OT-223A, OT-223X, PT-228A, OT-228DX, OT-228X, OT-232A, OT-232X, OT-233X, OT-250, OT-250X, OT-252, OT-252X, OT-255, OT-255A, OT-255D, OT-255DX, OT-255X, OT-260CX, OT-262X, OT-268X, OT-280, OT-280X, OT-282A, OT-282X, OT-292A, OT-292F, OT-292X, OT-296A, OT-296F, OT-296X, OT-297A, 
Vodafone 541 (alcatel 708), OT 103, OT 111, OT 152, OT 153, OT 155, OT 156, OT 203, OT 203E, OT 206, OT 222, OT 280, OT 300, OT 301, OT 303, OT 310, OT 311, OT 320, OT 331, OT 331a, OT 331p, OT 332, OT 332a, OT 332p, OT 332v, OT 355, OT 363, OT 500, OT 501, OT 511, OT 512, OT 525, OT 526, OT 535, OT 556, OT 557, OT 565, OT 600, OT 660, OT 700, OT 701, OT 708, "Vodafone 541/Alcatel OT 708)", OT 735, OT 735i, OT 756, OT 757, OT 800, B331, BIC, C550, C560, C630, C635, C64, C651, C700, C701, C707, C717, C820, C825, Crystal, E100, E101, E105, E157, E158, E159, E160, E161, E200, E201, E205, E207, E220, E227, E230, E251, E252, E256, E257, E259, E260, E265, E801, E805, Easy DB, Easy View, Elle N3, F331, I650, MandarinaDuck MD1, MandarinaDuck MD2, S107, S120, S210, S211, S215, S218, S319, S320, S321, S520, S521, S621, S626, S853, S860, S920, S920x, T10CM, T10M, V209, V270, V570, V607, V670, V770

All Worldwide Networks Supported


Fill in the details under product options with your phone's model number, IMEI and network your phone is currently unlocked to.

To unlock Alcatel handsets 2009 or newer we require the provider ID to enable us to obtain your unlock code. An example of provider ID is shown to the right.

Once details are entered click on Add to Basket. Go to your basket to complete your order.
Alcatel Mobile Phone Unlock Code  


Estimated Waiting Time: 1 - 24 Working Hours

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