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  • LG Unlock Code

LG Unlock Code

  • Brand: LG Mobile
  • Product Code: LGUC
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We can unlock any LG Handset, no matter what network it is currently locked to!!!

We can unlock LG by code, easily and safely
All we need is your phone's model, IMEI and network lock

LG remote unlocking also known as:

  • LG Unlock Codes
  • LG Remote Unlocking
  • LG IMEI Unlock
  • LG Subsidy Password





Which models are supported?
All LG models are supported including latest GD900 Crystal, Viewty Smart GC900, GT505, GW20. See full list below

Supported Models: 
1200, 1300, 1500, 200, 330W, 500, 510, 510W, 510WL, 511W, 515, 520, 5200, 5210, 5220(c), 5300, 5300i, 5310, 5400, 5450, 550, 600, 601, 6190, 7000, 7010, 7020, 7030, 7070, 800, 800W, 8100, 900, A7110, A7150, AX4270, AX4750, AX5000, B1200, B1300, B1500, B1600, B2000, B2050, B2070, B2100, B2150, B2250, BL20, BL40 New Chocolate, C1100, C1150, C1200, C1300, C1400, C1500, C1600, C2000, C2100, C2200, C2500, C300, C3100, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3330, C3380, C3400, C3600, C4300, C636, C960, CB630, CE110, CE500, CF360, CG180go, CG225, CG300, Chocolate, CL400, Cookie, Cookie KP500, CP150, CT810, CU320, CU400, CU405, CU500, CU500v, CU515, CU575 trax, CU720 Shine, CU740, CU8380, CU915, CU920, DARE, DB210, DM-L200, DM110, DM111, DM120, DM150, DM510, DM515, enV, Etna, EVE, eXpo, F1200, F2100, F2200, F2250, F2300, F2400, F2410, F3000, F7100, F7200, F7250, F7250T, F9100, F9200, Fusic, G1400, G1500, G1600, G1610, G1700, G1800, G232, G259, G262, G3000, G3100, G320, G4010, G4011, G4015, G4020, G4050, G510, G5200, G5210, G5220C, G5300, G5310, G5400, G5410, G5450, G5500, G5600, G632, G672, G677, G682, G688, G7000, G7000A, G7020, G7030, G7050, G7070, G7100, G7110, G7120, G7200, G8000, G8000i, G822, G828, G912, G932, GB102, GB109, GB130, GB170, GB220, GB230, GB250, GB250G, GB270, GC900 Viewty Smart, GD330, GD510, GD880 Mini, GD900 Crystal, GD910, GM205, GM310, GM360 Viewty Snap, GM630, GM750, GR500, GR500FD, GR500R, GS101, GS290 Cookie Fresh, GT350 Town, GT360, GT365, GT400, GT500 Puccini, GT505, GT540, GT810, GT950, GU280, GW300 Gossip, GW300 Viewty, GW520, GW550, GW620, GW620R, GW880, HB620T, HD5330, Incite, Invision, IQ, K8000, KB1500, KB2700, KB620, KB770, KB775, KB775f, KC3500, KC550, KC560, KC780, KC8000, KC910, KE260, KE500, KE508, KE520, KE590, KE600, KE608, KE608n, KE770 Shine, KE800, KE820, KE850, KE858, KE970 Shine, KE990, KF240, KF240c, KF245C, KF300, KF310, KF311, KF350, KF390, KF390q, KF510, KF510c, KF600, KF600C, KF700, KF720, KF750, KF755, KF755c Secret, KF755d, KF757, KG110, KG112, KG118, KG120, KG130, KG151, KG190, KG195, KG198, KG200, KG208, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG228, KG230, KG238, KG240, KG245, KG248, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG280, KG290, KG291, KG296, KG298, KG300, KG320, KG328, KG330, KG338, KG370, KG375, KG70, KG800, KG808, KG810, KG818, KG820, KG90, KG920, KG928, KG98, KG99, KM380, KM500, KM501, KM570 Cookie Live, KM710, KM900, KM900g, KP100, KP105a, KP106, KP107, KP115, KP130, KP135, KP140, KP170, KP175, KP175b, KP199, KP200, KP202, KP206, KP210, KP210a, KP215, KP220, KP230, KP233, KP235, KP260, KP265, KP265d, KP270, KP320, KP3500, KP4000, KP500, KP501, KP502, KP570a, KP8400, KS10, KS20, KS360, KS365, KS500, KS750, KT252, KT520, KT610, KT615, KT770, KU250, KU311, KU380, KU385, KU400, KU450, KU580 Hero, KU730, KU800, KU850, KU950, KU970 Shine, KU990 (Viewty), KU990i, KV3600, KV5900, KV6000, KX116, L1100, L1150, L1200, L1400, L1400i, L1500i, L3100, L341i, L342i, L343i, L4100, L5100, L600V, LB1500, LDP-880A, LF1200, LG240, LGC-300W, LGC-330W, LGC-600W, LGC-800W, LHD-200, LP3000, LP3550, LP3800, LP5900, LX150, LX350, LX5350, LX550, LX5550, M1200, M1300, M4300, M4330, M4400, M4410, M6100, ME240q, ME500, ME540, ME550 Cosmo, ME550C, ME591, ME600, ME770, ME850 Prada, ME970, ME970d, MG100, MG101, MG105, MG110, MG120, MG125, MG150, MG155, MG160, MG161, MG170, MG180, MG185, MG191, MG201, MG210, MG220, MG225, MG230, MG235, MG270, MG280, MG295, MG296c, MG300, MG320, MG370, MG530, MG610, MG800, MG810, MM-535, Monaco, MS20, MX240, Neon, P5, P7200, PM-225, PM-225 Red Edition, PM-325, Prada, Renoir, Rubi, S1000, S3500, S5000, S5100, S5200, S5300, SB120, SC300, SC330, SC8000, SD330, SD350, SD500, SD820, SD910, Secret, SH130, SP1000, SU910, SV130, SV280, SV300, SV360, SV590, SV600, T5100, TD6000, TD6100, TE365, TE365F, TG800, TG800 Chocolate, TG800f, TM210, TM510, TM520, TU330, TU330 Globus, TU500, TU515, TU575, TU720, TU720 Shine, TU725, TU750, TU750 Secret, TU915, U160l, U300, U310, U400, U8100, U8110, U8120, U8120C, U8120i, U8130, U8138, U8150, U8180, U8200, U8210, U8280, U8290, U830, U8330, U8360, U8380, U8390, U8550, U880, U890, U900, U960, U970, U990, V111, V9000, VI-125, VI-5225, Viewty GT, VIRGO, Vu, VX1, VX1000, VX3200, VX3300, VX3400, VX3450, VX4400, VX4400B, VX4500, VX4600, VX4650, VX5200, VX5300, VX5550, VX6000, VX6100, VX7000, VX8000, VX8100, VX8300, VX8500, VX8600, VX8700, VX9400, VX9700, VX9800, VX9900, W3000, W3100, W5200, W5210, W5220, W5300, W5400, W7000, W7020, Xenon


All Worldwide Networks Supported


Fill in the details under product options with your phone's model number, IMEI and network your phone is currently unlocked to. 
If your phone is North or South American please state this in the comments box before commencing payment.

Once details are entered click on Add to Basket. Go to your basket to complete your order.

Estimated Waiting Time: 1 - 24 Working Hours

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